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music club logotype design

Club Bibliotekata ( Библиотеката ) is a famous club in Sofia, Bulgaria and it changed its owner recently. The task was to develop a new clean logotype for this unique place where they play all kinds of music, where they serve food as well as drinks. The idea was to achieve balance between the modern and the classic style because the club is situated in the building of the National Library ( “Библиотеката” in Bulgarian ). The design appeared to be really difficult because of the number of the letters in the word – 12 letters without counting “club”.

english logotype design club


The English adaptation of the logotype is shorter because of the structure of the latin letters. Still, we like a lot the charm the Cyrillic “Л” is giving to the Bulgarian version of the logo. So far people reacted good to the new sign. It has also proven its qualities in different print materials with different scales and backgrounds which is the biggest test for every logotype.

Here are the negative examples:

club negative logotype design

negative club logotype design


The club was sold and bought again and the name changed, so this project is not relative to the current club scene anymore. Nevertheless, if you are interested in the club, you can check it here.