Landing page design is not always done by starting from scratch. Sometimes, the design must follow a predetermined style – for example, if the landing page exists within a larger, established website, and the two have to remain visually similar. These additions usually happen when the client releases a new product or expands their business with a new service.

We worked on such a case for the design of MOVE.BG Club – a landing page that showcased¬†MOVE.BG’s coworking space, its features, and its price list. It is crucial to take into account existing brand guidelines, colors, fonts, patterns and all additional elements. In this particular scenario, we had worked with¬†MOVE.BG before, and had a good understanding of their visual communication style. In addition to that, we were able to consult their brand guideline.

But sometimes, your client might not have such a guideline or any styleguide at all. Then it would be up to you to be meticulous and dive into the DevTools browser window. There, you can get exact hex values of used colors, the fonts and sizes of both headings and body text, as well as information about other stylistic choices such as corner radiuses, preferred button styles, stroke widths, etc. This will help you create a cohesive experience for every visitor.