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cafe logo design

Enjoy Artes Food & Coffee is a project for healthy food and drinks. It was a challenge to portrait the idea behind the project and incorporate a long name like this in the logo design. In the end we came up with the following identity designs.

Logo Design.

coffee house logo design


Business card design.

coffee house business card design


Other branded materials with the logo.

identity design visualization


We have also branded the facade of the coffeehouse, as well as the outside and inside menus. The color scheme is based on the logo depiction and its nuances. We stick to bright and fresh colors in order to attract attention.

coffee house exterior design

cafe interior design

coffee house identity design

cafeteria price label design

Outside menu board

Writing with chalk on the board makes changing of the daily menu a lot easier and engaging with the public.

coffee house menu board design


Inside menu (canvas).

coffee house interior menu design


Another inside menu designed specifically for Enjoy Artes Food & Coffee in Sky City Mall, Sofia, Bulgaria. You can also see some photos of the coffee house here.

interior menu design variation