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European union organic logo design

Logo design concept for the European Union organic logo contest. The goal was to create a memorable yet simple form which could be readable and printable in different scales. Because of these reasons we avoided the usage of the popular “European stars” as a core design element. Instead we created a form that is not so closely related to the EU flag design. The idea was to give the fruit-like shape secondary and tertiary meaning. The second composition represents hands, holding the crop ( or the seed ) as another agro symbol. The third meaning consists of the heart as something healthy, something that is expected from the organic food. Green is obviously the only appropriate color choice here. Bellow are shown different possible color interpretations of the logo that may occur if the logo is used in the real industry.

organic logo design color visualization

We didn’t win, but we are proud with this logo design and we think it deserves its place in our brand portfolio.

You can view the chosen finalist here.