FlipComp Brand Design

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FlipComp Logo Brand Design

FlipComp is an innovative online tool made to help investors find real estate deals in seconds. It’s developed by an USA investor for the USA market specifically. We were commissioned to handle all the branding. Starting with the logo, going through the various screen design and finishing with all the tiny elements needed for perfect online presence.


FlipComp business card brand design

Clean & simple business card design that suits the client needs.


The following screens are showing the user interface that we’ve designed for www.flipcomp.com


FlipComp website design

We designed a set of graphics, using different approaches, that present FlipComp main features and its benefits.


FlipComp website design

FlipComp interface design

A family of fresh color graphics that explain how FlipComp works.


FlipComp interface design

A set of icons illustrating the main features of FlipComp.


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