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Logo identity redesign

GT Bets - logo identity redesign

Redesign of  logo family for a sports betting site.  Each logo represents different kind of sport  – basketball, hockey, casino, soccer, baseball, horses, american football.


GT Bets - logos visualization

GT Bets - logo identity redesign proposals

Other versions of the GT Bets logo design. Preview of how the logo will look when branded on hat or used as phone wallpaper.


GT Bets - visualisation

GT Bets - logo identity redesign proposals

Proposal for a new logo of GT Bets in black circle. In addition it can be used with small sport images comming up from behind it.


GT Bets - logo identity redesign visualization

GT Bets - design proposals for logo

Other versions of the logo.


GT Bets - design of flash banners

Here are some flash banners we’ve designed for GT Bets.

GT Bets - banners design

Other flash banner designs.


GT Bets - website homepage

Website redesign – homepage


GT Bets - website page horse betting

GT Bets - website page casino

Inner pages of the website

If you want to check the website for yourself – enter