In the Palace Film Festival – poster design

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film festival poster design

film festival poster design

film festival poster design

In the Palace is an international annual short film festival which takes place in Balchik, Bulgaria. This is a perfect stop since Balchik is a beautiful ancient city located by the Black Sea seaside. This is the most famous and prestigious film forum featuring professional short films up to 45 min. It is also a preferred place for a world premiere of the latest short films from all over the world.

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These are our competition poster design concepts for the 8th festival which started in June, 2010. Our idea was to create minimalistic and provocative poster design which. The idea is to illustrate in a creative and witty way the essence of the festival. We used common symbols to express the basic keywords of the festival – for short we’ve used scissors as a symbol, for movies – 3d cinema glasses , for fun – colors, for seaside – waves and fish. We used simple shapes and plain colors in order to create an elegant connection between the poster illustration and the logo of the festival.

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