London Find The Pub – Flyer Design

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phone app flyer design

We have developed different projects for London Find the Pub iphone app – logo, app design, iphone icons, multimedia. This is our flyer design for the promotional flyer.

phone app flyer design

The concept was to make the flyer look like you are holding a real iphone in your hands so we took the iphone dimensions to design the die line.

The iphone inside is real size and the flyer itself is a little bigger.

phone app flyer design

Inside the flyer we placed different screens presenting the main functions of the app.

phone app flyer design

It is full color print on 300 g matt paper. The flyer was distributed in 2010 in London.



phone app flyer design sketches

This was the initial concept for the flyer design with far more complicated die-cut. The ON button was meant to allow you to open and actually look inside. Due to short production deadlines and higher production pricing we did the other version.


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