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Time Heroes organization - logo design

Time Heroes is a web platform which helps organizations to find volunteers for different initiatives/causes. Since there are many symbols to illustrate the heroic motiveĀ and the task was fun we explored different approaches and styles.

Time Heroes logo variation

In this concept we illustrated the heroic element through a super famous shape. A logo design that can speak to a large group of people.

Time heroes logo design variation

It looked cool in black & white and we presented it as a colorless version as well.

Time Heroes - logo design presentation

The black/white version is a good choice for the purposes of projects whit limited budget for advertisement.

Time Heroes logo design variation

We were tempted to work on a custom logotype. In this version we explored theĀ medieval feeling of the letters and tried to make them work to represent the participating volunteers as contemporary knights.

Time Heroes logo design branding

Presented as a classic color combination of red and black.

Time Heroes branding variation

The angel wings are a charming graphic element that draws a more elegant and soft touch to the Time Heroes project.

Time Heroes design branding variation

If you’re interested in Time Heroes’ campaigns you can review them here.