Secuvoice – Holiday Greeting Card Design

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On the 1st of March in Bulgaria we celebrate the upcoming spring. People exchange a traditional gift called ‘martenitsa’. It is a small piece of adornment made of red and white yarn. People give these gifts to their friends and those serve as a wish for good health. This is a greeting card design that we created for Telecom Business Solutions (TBS) for this holiday. It promotes a new product they offer – a security card for tap-proof phone calls named Secuvoice.


business greeting card design


The Bulgarian martenitsa consists of a male (red yarn) and a female character (white yarn) that are tied together. In the greeting card we had put these characters in a funny situation. The female one is spying on the male character and she is listening to his phone calls. The Secuvoice card protects the man and this is why the message on the cover is coded.

 business greeting card design


When you open the card the Secuvoice is not there and the message is readable. It’s a greeting saying “Happy 1st March” to the TBS clients.



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