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snowshoes logo design

We are proud to design the logo of this innovative product. It’s a pair of inflatable snow-shoes. You can check more about the product here.

snowshoes logo design variation


The design of the logo evolved as the product evolved itself. The first step was to create the naming. The idea came from the association with the famous snow monster “Big Foot”. The product is targeted to snowboarders and other winter sports lovers. Its main advantage is the compact size.. so we came up with “Small Foot”. The first logo design was based on the color and the shape of the snowshoe-prototype. The one you can see above.

snowshoes logo design sketches

Later on more models were developed and the logo wasn’t describing the concept accurately anymore, so Peter ( the inventor of the snowshoes ) came up with the idea that the steps ( the double O ) can point to the pine-tree ( the A ). The basic sketch can be seen above.

Small Foot logo design process

We were satisfied with the achieved visual balance of the logotype, so we proceeded with the color schemes. Due to the many characters and the variety of the shapes we needed something like a classic sticker base, so that the logo could be equally visible on many different backgrounds.

Small Foot design concept


There are 3 main semiotic levels in this logo – the notice “Small Foot”, the “pine-tree” and the “steps” or the “snowshoes”. The tree is designed with lifted middle branches so to represent some kind of human with hands up and the “steps” bellow could be his own shows as well. The double O looks like eyes, too, depending on the perception. Overall – nice friendly logo that should last long 🙂


snowshoes logo design presentation