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business brand logo design

Sun & Face is a multi-brand mark.
The clients have few different small business, so they wanted a logo design which would combine the positive nature of the company’s old and new ventures.

The task was simple, but not so easy. Try to design a non-existing sun design! Well, it’s almost impossible. There are millions of sun-signs out there, but after a long research our team managed to achieve a distinctive logo design. The best part – our client was also happy with the result.

Two years later ( when the mark was registered and the next big project appeared ) we developed a few more projects for them:

– a web design for the kindergarden “Sunny Face
– some icons
– some sub-brand logo designs

sub brands logo design

These are the concepts for the sub-brands. Guess what’s what and if you know Bulgarian – you can zoom the image bellow and read the answers.


business brand web design

Web design concept for the entire business with the initial sub-brands.


kinder garden web design

Later on we focused on the kinder garden.


icons logo design

These icons are made for this web design, based on the style of the primary logo.