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Fantastico supermarket chain is one of our best design projects. It includes working on the brand identity, logo redesign, printing materials, packaging design, staff uniforms design etc. This is one of those projects which inspire the designer’s creativity. Below you can find photographic material from various aspects of our design projects. This photo gallery presents some of the print and packaging materials that are already in use from the brand identity project for Fantastico (ff). You can find more info on the supermarket chain and the identity design we are working on at the bottom of this post. Bare in mind we are still working on different design tasks for them, so our FF portfolio will constantly be updated.

supermarket chain brand identity

package pattern design

staff uniforms design

package pattern design

rice packaging design

packaging design

puff pastry package pattern design

package pattern design

tomato jar label design

pickles jar label design

green beans jar label design width=

jar label design

vegetable packaging design

bread packaging design

supermarket open times table design

sushi shelf wobbler design

supermarket deal wobbler design

supermarket template info board

supermarket checking value sign

supermarket brand identity

paper cups pattern design

great deal sign

supermarket interior brand identity

supermarket info sign design

fish catalogue design

fish catalogue design

supermarket eco bags design

dog food can design

cafe menu design

You can browser the full catalog here.

More about this brand identity case here.