Viara Ins Clover Can Gift Design

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insurance company gift design branding

One of our clients is Viara Ins (Bulgarian insurance company). They gave us the pleasant task to brand this creative corporate present by creating a special gift design.


insurance company gift card design

This is a metal can with clover seeds inside. The can was already branded so we had to hide the original print. We designed a 1-color (PANTONE) semi-glossy sticker to cover the can and made a little gift card as a part of the present.


insurance company gift design branding insurance company gift design branding

The 4-leaves clover is a symbol of luck, the words in the background carry positive wishes for health, happiness, love, hope, etc.

A few simple vector pictograms at the back explain the stages of growth, timing, temperature, air and light conditions that are good for the plant.



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