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personal blog web design

Cveta Stoeva is a young, but very talented author and “Men” is her first book. It was a privilege for our studio to be chosen for the project to create a personal web design for the author’s site. We created a simple, clean website, based on the colors of the already designed book cover. The figure formed of words is a creation of the author herself. The rest of the site is done by us. As most of our other sites – this one also has an easy to maintain CMS system. The main design is fluid and the content layout is left-aligned due to the text information and some readability reasons. There is a blog section, some static pages, some extra links, a book order form, a flash version of the cover of the book. You can also find an advertisement of the sponsors of the book in the top right corner.

personal blog web design

book author personal web


There’s an ordering form, so that one can order the book with a special autograph from the author. You can write the desired message by yourself while ordering the book through this form.

book author personal web design

personal site web design

personal website web design


Part of the site design is this flash, an animation of the real book cover. On it you can see a man, spelling the title while peeing. The flash here is looped for the purpose of the presentation. Go and check the real website at And why not read the book ? 🙂