60 Body Silhouette Designs for Dressipi.com

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styling network body silhouette designs

In May 2010 we worked on creating 60 vector female body silhouette designs for Dressipi.com. The website works as an online social styling network based in the  United Kingdom. The idea is for people to use it in order to get sizing and styling advice on their own unique body shape and personal style.

We were given a set of illustrations of the 5 main body types: inverted triangle, rectangle, triangle, hour glass and round. The 5 basic shapes were the starting point. We had to create variations by incrementally changing some of the body proportions, so that they can be visible to the viewers. The parts we worked on are: shoulders, bust-cup size, upper arms, thighs, calves, hips and waist (high, low and standard).

See part of the set of illustrations:

styling network body silhouette designs
Hourglass (high waist).

styling network body silhouette designs
Inverted triangle.

styling network silhouette designs

online styling body silhouette designs

styling network body silhouette designs

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