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Ambigram is a definition for artistic worms of words or logos that could be read from another viewpoint or orientation. Usually it’s a matter of 180 degrees rotation. It’s the simplest way to show that this certain thing is extraordinary. As a common rule – the ambigrams are presented in a slightly tilted angle. This dynamic composition gives a hint about their true nature. We were presented an opportunity to create  a logo for a cozy bar in Sofia, Bulgaria, named…Cozybar. We took this chance to try and work on a ambigram logo design.


Cozybar - ambigram logo design

The “gold” version is the chosen logo for the Cozybar in Sofia.


Cozybar - ambigram logo design

This is another approach. As you can see the Y was the biggest pain in the *ss , but we’ve handled it quite well 🙂

If you feel like going somewhere for a drink or just relax, you can find Cozybar here.