Post Image bilingual logotype design

Long story short – we were facing the challenge to make a modern naming and logotype in Latin for a Bulgarian-oriented online magazine. The logotype should be in Latin because the name should match the web address, but understandable / readable by the people who are using Cyrillic.

If you look closer – you’ll notice that in this domain name almost all the letters are in Cyrillic : “e”, “т”, “a” ,”к”, “a”, except for the “i”.
So what we’ve done is to use the power of the design to make the “i” look like “й”.
This way we can have “ейтака” and “eitaka” in one. bilingual logotype online

Preview from the actual website bilingual logotype preview

preview from the facebook fan page bilingual logotype design

preview from twitter with the beta version of the logo


As you can see – the logotype could be flexible enough to fit the different shapes of the web thumbs looking good both in positive and negative.
Feel free to check