16 May 13

Easter cards designs – 2013

Below you can see some of the Easter cards designs we have created for the 2013 Easter holidays. Soffin is a management accounting company – we have previously worked on [&hellip

20 Sep 12

Happy Birthday Ansperts!

Our friends from Ansperts just made 1 year! If you are interested in HR and you are located in Bulgaria – you’ll probably be interested in the materials on the site. [&hellip

18 Jul 12

8 years later – a copycat logo of our Bulgaria Tourism Logo design

Eight years after our “Bulgarian Tourism Logo” was designed in 2004 a copycat logo won 3rd place in the competition for “Bulgarian Tourism Logo”, organized by an NGO. Here’s the [&hellip

31 May 12

The true designer…

07 May 12

Shooting backstage video for Sarah Blasko

        Sarah was recording some of the tunes for her new album in Bulgaria and Margarit Ralev was commissioned to shoot the backstage video of the process. The video [&hellip

13 Jan 12

Christmas cards design – 2011

Telecom Business Solutions Fantastico Supermarket Chain ClubMed Bulgaria BGSOLAR       Soffin / Mega Xtreme Bowling Bulgarian Music Society

22 Dec 11

Pre Xmas Mood in our studio

Some pre Xmas mood @ Ralev.com :) A little preview on the pre Xmas Mood in our studio. Testing the iPhone 4s video + the new editing tools in Youtube [&hellip

30 Nov 11

Happy Birthday, Margarit! from the brand design team

  Well….this post was not reviewed because it is supposed to be a SURPRISE :) Best wishes from the brnd design team Ralev.com!

Zeitgeist beer cool package design
29 Oct 11

You WIN …. absolutely nothing :)

This pic was taken in Guildford, UK in 2010. I’m a fan of the Zeitgeist documentaries, so while I was in a TESCO supermarket in the UK I paid attention [&hellip

29 Oct 11

The Smallest Graphic Design Office I’ve worked in

Smallest graphic design office? Actually this is an archive photo I took few years back. It was a night in a small apartment out of town with 2 rooms and [&hellip

07 Oct 11

Good Music Society – Logotype Calligraphy Practice

It’s just a project from the archives. We’ve done this calligraphic logotype as a proposal for a band called “Good Music Society”.     &nbsp

15 Sep 11

Calligraphic doodle in cyrillic

  Just writing down the names of our team in illustrator for a couple of minutes in the afternoon calligraphic doodle style in Cyrillic:)

27 Aug 11

Writing a creative job offer for a local developer

Being creative is also about writing an unique and creative job offer :) Here’s ours: — We are creative. We are fun. We love to create value and to enjoy [&hellip

01 Aug 11

Typography workshop with Krassen Krestev

The pics and sketches here are from a typography workshop by Krassen Krestev. The workshop was held on 16th of June as a part of Sofia Design Week 2011. Our team [&hellip

01 Aug 11

Friction Code Logotype Design Process

We love experimenting with letters and illusions, so we’ve decided to try some unconventional approaches when making the “Friction Code” logotype design. We wanted to put “CODE” at the end [&hellip

28 Jul 11

Fun with paper bag in the office

Actually – this is our lunch paper bag :) We use it for real. Hope people on the street smile when they see it :) &nbsp

27 Jul 11

Video of the Desbar.com presentation at the Pecha Kucha Night in Sofia, vol 8.

Finally – the video is online and you can watch the design barter presentation of desbar.com. The video is in Bulgarian language

11 Jul 11

Sofia Visual Identity Workshop with Ruedi Baur

Visual identity workshop This is project done during the Sofia Visual Identity workshop with Ruedi Baur in Sofia, 2010 ( Sofia Design Week ) Basically – it’s a typo collection [&hellip

01 May 11

Happy Labour Day :)

01 May 11

Dub Fx Logo Project

Actually the idea was that at this point the band adopted the triquetra symbol, but I felt like they’ll need to change it soon for many reasons, so I played a [&hellip

24 Apr 11

Happy Easter 2011

Celebrate with your family and friends, do something good! The summer is close :) Happy Easter 2011!

10 Apr 11

Ani’s office birthday

Ani from our team had recently a birthday and we’ve decided to  do it office birthday style and also made some pics :) On the picture : Marina, Ani, Alex [&hellip

NOHA designers teambuilding 02
09 Apr 11

N.O.H.A. Friday Night Designers Teambuilding

The designers of Ralev.com :) Alex, Margarit, Ani, Marina Minerva and our logo design on the background ( visualizations by Vladimir Grantcharov )   It was a mad, mad show. [&hellip

04 Apr 11

Dreamstime’s users are stealing logos

Dreamstime and other stock sites are nowadays too huge to control all the quality and content of their users. It’s not a secret that untalented pseudo designers from around the globe are [&hellip

16 Jan 11

Ralev.com on the Lion’s Head or how to use Guerrilla marketing for facebook photos

So we are in Cape Town and I thought it would be a good idea to make a t-shirt with our logo. This way the pictures in facebook would be [&hellip

06 Jan 11

Join The Design Barter Network – desbar.com

 Design barter Bartering design is something that will become trendy, it just needs some time. The design barter request is an alternative of the regular design order that deserves to be [&hellip

01 Jan 11

Some Cyrillic fonts not working for mac

The problem : for some reason Trebuchet stopped working and we could not use it for Cyrillic texts and cannot be used to create Cyrillic fonts. The solution that worked [&hellip

09 Aug 10

Our business card design was featured in Smashing Magazine

Take a closer look at the business card design here. See the publication in Smashing Magazine here

17 Jun 10

Logo design trends 2010

  Here’s what Bill Gardner ( LogoLounge ) says about this year’s logo trends : “When gauging the relative merits of the 35,000-plus logos that have been submitted from all [&hellip