Have you ever thought about how important having a website is? Research delivered in 2018 by the eCommerce Foundation shows that 88% of consumers will research product information before buying. Today, two years later, statistics show that over 90% of people’s shopping experience starts by examining the web’s available options, making comparisons between brands, and choosing what they want online. So if you don’t have a website, you’re reducing your business’s potential size by only selling your goods or services to less than 10% of your potential market. And we are not statisticians, but we can say that your competitors who own a website are the ones under the spotlight. 

Digging deeper into the stats

We found that 6 out of 10 small businesses don’t have a website. Not even a landing page. No web indication to tell clients that they are out there on the market. But why do business owners avoid having one when the buying behavior clearly indicated the importance of a website? 

Bussines owners often state that they feel like their operation too small to warrant a website, says GoDaddy. The problem with this is that if you don’t have a website, your chances to capture your market share are low because people won’t even find out that your business exists.

Let’s say that one of your customers is super excited about your service. In fact, you left such a positive impression on them that they shared it with a friend. People won’t just run to your door to ask for more information. They will search for it on the web because our behavior as buyers has drastically changed over the past few years, moving toward online research. In those terms, your website is your business representative during and outside of your office hours. 

So, on the one hand – without a website, you’re missing potential clients who are researching a product or service online. On the other hand, even if your clients say a good word about you to someone, but they struggle to find out more about who you are and what you do, they will most likely strike you off the list. 

So here’s a list of reasons why you should invest in a website.

Increase your visibility

First of all, you’ll finally be listed in the modern marketplace – the web and easy to find on Google and other search engines. This means that you are increasing your business visibility. And the best part – you’ll finally be considered as an option by those who do their research online and those who’ve heard about you but couldn’t find you. 

A simple site incorporating the basics such as product information, business hours, and contacts gives your prospective customers a feeling of legitimacy. But even something simple like this feels overwhelming. Just adding a quick note that you would gladly tell more your web visitors on the phone, sharing your address, and clarifying it with a map can significantly impact your business. 

Another great thing you can do even if you have a small website is to claim it to Google My Business. After verifying your business profile, you will be listed to people who use Google Search and Google Map. This means that you’ll have better exposure to locals! 

By setting up a Google my Business account, you increase the visibility of both your website and your business.

Accessible from everywhere  24/7

When your online presence is established, you can finally be visible for everyone worldwide and not only during work hours, but 24/7 and that’s something important.

Your online presence never sleeps.

You can never know when customers might be looking for some information about your business. And don’t forget that people actually enjoy the comfort of their own homes and shopping online is now a trend. If you’re offering retail products, a website and an integrated online shop will be a significant boost for your sales! 

Build trust

Let’s face it – the 21st-century consumer is a great skeptic. The most common belief is that having a website legitimizes the business. So in terms of credibility, having a website is essential. A great argument here is that you’ll finally be able to send out emails from your personal domain! Whether your field you’re in, you should know that every credible business has a designated phone number and email address. This looks much more professional than sending out emails from Gmail or Yahoo, which may in some instances, make you look questionable in your client’s eyes.

Bright Local, an agency dedicated to local marketing research, found out that 36% of people trust companies only if they see a website. At the same time, only 21% of the people they questioned are willing to gamble on closing a deal with a business that has no website.

And probably you may think that having a Facebook page or Twitter account may seem enough to build connections with your potential customers. But think about how it would look when someone is searching for you via a search engine and only finds a social media page and no real website. Would you as a customer feel secure enough to make a purchase via direct Facebook message, for example? Customers will feel safer to send a message directly to your website, even if it is through Facebook Messenger integration. And while on the topic of Messenger integration, according to Facebook 53% of people are more likely to buy something from a business they can message directly. The same research found out that 56% of people would rather message than call customer support.

Here’s a little pro-tip from us: you can sign up and get a free phone number from Google Voice. The number can be routed to your personal phone device. This will help you to give you customers a professional impression of your business.  

Explain your business 

Your website is your online home, and every family is different, just like every business. Your service is distinguishable. What you offer, your way of doing things and how you treat clients are specific. Having a website will allow you to share this with the world. Someone out there is searching for exactly what you have. So make sure to tell your story and let people know more about your way.

Think about your website as a resource and information data center that is always available for customers to check out. 

Furthermore, business is all about relationships and nourishing your individual relationships with your actual clients and your prospective clients. Digital presence helps you leave a good impression but it’s also the foundation of creating an engaged community. Networking is essential for word-of-mouth referrals. A survey by Better Business Bureau shows that 84% of customers are willing to trust companies based on their online reviews, which you can only have if you have a business website.

Marketing opportunities

Having a website unlocks your potential for marketing. Applying a marketing strategy pays off and today, there are tons of different ways to do it. Some are free, and others are paid. Let’s take a look at some of the options. 

Free. If your website is the center of your online presence, social media accounts are instrumental in helping you direct traffic and advertise your business. They are free to use and help you can easily reach out to different target groups or create a community with an engaged audience. 

Paid: Another way is using PPC (Pay Per Click) ad campaigns. And to be honest, if they are done effectively and offer content your target group engages with, they can be cheap and convert into sales. 

To sum it up.

We are living in a connected society where a person spends an average of six hours a day on the web. This means that your online presence has a bigger impact than any print or broadcast medium. 

Therefore a website can bring much more value to your business than any other option and what’s more it’s not such a big investment in the end. A website allows you to tell your story, show what you have to offer but also gather visitors’ emails, send out newsletters, and remind them about yourself. Having your personal platform will enable you to add tons of useful features to gather customer’s feedback. See how your potential clients react to your content, track what grabs most of their attention, and start measuring their engagement. It can even help you to make your business better and your products more attractive. There are tons of utilities and options, but to get started, you need a foundation, which means a website. 

So if you’re searching for someone to make a website that makes the correct first impression for you. If you want a website that is responsive no matter the size of the screen or the type of device. If you want it to have a clean and good-looking design that will serve as proof of your professionalism – we got your back! 

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