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We pause for a moment of reflection. Self-reflection of what happened over those 16 years in

We take this moment because it defines 16 years of hard work and passion for design and development and shaping our client’s digital experience. 
The longevity of a company can say a lot in itself, but here’s a little guided tour of what we’ve learned, the fun we had, the expertise gained, and the successes enjoyed. 
This post is to celebrate everyone who has touched Ralev’s team over the past years.

How to set goals

It seems like yesterday that Mark kicked-off, working from his home, striving for something bigger. But looking over the shoulder, it’s been quite a while and quite a ride! Here’s a brief overview of what happened since 2004. has taken on new looks, the pink candy got sharper, and our vision and mission better defined. 

The team and our client base grew, and so did the agency. One thing actually stayed the same through those years – the passion for pushing the limits through design solutions and having a blast of doing so.
We often say that dreamers shape the world we live in, and hopefully, that’s the case. 

How to work in a team

We take great pride when talking about our team members. Their talents, dedication, and shared passion have helped guide through the past 16 years and get us to this anniversary. 

Our values-driven culture dedicated to transparency, ethics, and open-book management has helped us handle difficulties and strive to achieve more. Those pillars have remained the focal point from the beginning until now. 

Getting to work with ambitious and creative individuals every day is what makes coming to work in the morning so rewarding. Thank you! 

How to make our clients happy and bring to life their vision through design solutions

Each of us has different interests and talents, but working as a team helps translate our clients’ visions and missions into design solutions and attract new clients and partners. We’ve worked on incredible projects with over 130 clients. Over this 16 years in, our team has developed a deep comprehension of our customers’ needs and expectations.

Our clients come to us to bring their visions to life. They trust us to do so because they know that we take great satisfaction in our work. We are proud to affirm that our team deeply cares to see our customers satisfied and make their brands stand out. 

To our clients, thank you for letting our team be a part of your journey, from product launches to digitalization of your business. Thank you for having you all by our side! We are ready to share many more years of memorable experiences.

Finally, we’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone who was part of this journey. We’d be nothing without our team, clients, friends, family, and their constant support.


PS: if you need to engage a web design & web development studio with a significant experience – you know who to call.

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