Building a team doesn’t happen overnight. 

Our team in is together from the very beginning and grows with us year after year. We are happy and proud to share with you that over the past 16 years, we managed to form a crew of great professionals that are not only colleagues but also friends. Actually, some of our team players are working together for over 8 years now!

This month we welcomed two new members to the team.  Мaking something together was a great way to get to know each other, encourage communication, and create a more cohesive and productive atmosphere for the whole team. 

We often describe ourselves as a company of glass-half-full creatives, and all of us need to keep our spirits up to be productive. Learning new things and boosting our mood are tied very closely together. For our team building on Sunday, we went for something slightly outside our team’s comfort zone. We recently adopted a hive of bees part of the campaign – Real Honey (check their website here) and we went to Arnautito, near Stara Zagora, to pay our beekeeper Georgi Georgiev and the hive a visit. 

Real Honey is a project created by Pollenity that supports the Bulgarian beekeeping sector by raising awareness and funds. The cause is also focusing on preserving the bees, something that concerns us all as. 

In the office, we are all foodies, and our well-being is something we are all focused on. The whole team has preferences for good food that fuels our bodies and our creativity. Therefore we all got excited when we learned of the option to adopt a hive and get our hands on some real raw honey straight from it, thanks to Georgi and Pollenity, of course!  

And regarding the fear some of our crew member experience from insects, there is no better place to drop this quote from Albert Einstein:

“One should not pursue goals that are easily achieved. One must develop an instinct for what one can just barely achieve through one’s greatest efforts.” 

Or put in other words at, we believe that to continue to grow, we need to tackle new challenges and conquer our fears. 

We gathered the crew in a van. We took off to the countryside to educate ourselves on the bees in a small village located 250km away from the office. Far enough to let our spirits free. 

But let’s get back to the bee-lding part. For some of us, having over 10 000 bees flying around us was a thrilling situation. Others experienced it as a way to reconnect with nature. Let’s be honest here, everyone felt the thrills when the outer part of the hive was opened, and bees started flying around.  But seeing the honey supers filled with golden honey was mouth-watering for all of us, so that was a win. 

Since we’ve adopted a hive every month we have great honey coming straight from it delivered to our office located in the heart of Sofia. How great it this, seriously?

How do we know we’ve gotten the team building, right? There was laughter, excitement, and a sense of accomplishment. We ran out of beers and brownies, and our Instagram-addict even made a post about it. Check it out here.

At the end of the day, it’s about be-e more unified, to develop and strengthen interpersonal relationships, and enhance communication between the crew.