Being creative is also about writing an unique and creative job offer 🙂
Here’s ours:

We are creative. We are fun. We love to create value and to enjoy our working time as much as we enjoy our spare time.

We are facing new challenges and we need your help. If you are young and creative, apply with the function below.

apply = function(applicant) {
if ([PHP, HTML, CSS, XML, WordPress].isSubsetOf(applicant->getExperience()) {
return {
base_requirements: you’ve already passed,
considered_as_a_plus: function() {
return applicant->isExperiencedIn(ActionScript) || applicatin->isExperiencedIn(WordPress)
opportunity_for_you: work in a team of web professional,
we_offer: [good salary, cool workplace, challenging projects]
optional: your implementation of $.isSubsetOf function

} else if (applicant->isMotivated()) {
applicant->send([your projects, your cv, your cover letter], ‘’)


It was a real job offer and you could see it here but someone must have already solved the problem 😉