Dub Fx Logo Project

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Dub FX unofficial logo project

Actually the idea was that at this point the band adopted the triquetra symbol, but I felt like they’ll need to change it soon for many reasons, so I played a little bit with the symbol and tried to remix it for their needs. Totally my own sunday-afternoon initiative. It’s an unofficial fan artwork – nothing more :) Hope you like it, though.

Dub FX unofficial logo project

Trying to implement the letters “D, U, B, FX” in the frames of the logo project with custom calligraphy , but the result is very unreadable, so I abandoned it.

Dub FX unofficial logo project

Some screenshot from the process.

Keep in mind that this is unofficial logo project :) If you like it and you want to make a t-shirt or something – you can download the vectors of the 2 logos here.



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