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Fair elections Bulgaria logo design

“Fair Elections” or “За честни избори” is a web platform for monitoring the honesty of the election process in Bulgaria. This is the selected logo and the designs bellow are the other options that we presented to the client.


Elections in Bulgaria logo design

A money-box and a voting paper inside. A logo questioning the honesty of the elections, betting on the well-known and friendly symbol : the piggy bank.


Fair Elections logo design

This weather vane (or weathercock) clearly illustrates the situation in the voting system and the lack of clear political orientation.


fair elections logo design variation

A banknote which becomes a voting-paper after it passes the ballot box. Of course all this in the familiar “stop sign” frame – showing the position of the platform and the direction of the project.


design of pictograms

These are the pictograms that we designed for the interface of the website.

You can visit the site of the project on this address: