Megaboard Design for Fantastico Supermarket Chain

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supermarket chain megaboard design

We often joke that we design things from 20 pixels to 20 meters. And this is actually true.
Here you can see one of the megaboard designs that we have designed for the biggest local Bulgarian supermarket chain – Fantastico.


supermarket chain megaboard design

Its size is 5.9 m wide and 20 m tall. It is situated in one of the most populated neighborhoods in Sofia – Liulin. At first you think this is a difficult size to create a megaboard design for. The idea was to use the vertical ad format as optimal as possible, so we came with this idea of the man, reaching for the shopping bag of Fantastico. Various products inside, representing the variety of goods in the supermarket. The businessmen is acting like a burglar or a small child – unusual situation, but totally in the spirit of this neighborhood :)


supermarket chain megaboard design

Does that man look familiar to you?
That’s right – this is Mr. Ralev.


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