Post Image - Guerrilla marketing t-shirt

So we are in Cape Town and I thought it would be a good idea to make a t-shirt with our logo. This way the pictures in facebook would be a little bit more interesting. The idea “I (our logo ) Cape Town” is of course a remix of one of the most reproduced logos “I love NY”. The picture is taken from the Lion’s Head – a mountain in Cape Town.
* A tourist tip: If you are in the city and you want to visit the place you may want to climb there in a weekday – otherwise during the weekend it’s a little bit crowded.

The bonus of this type of guerrilla marketing is that it’s also visible for all the other tourists. Your brand is not only in their pictures, but you may also achieve some extra effect. In my case some people were joking and asking how much I’d want for the t-shirt so they can take photos with it :))