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civil initiative logo design

Politikat is a civil initiative for monitoring of the Bulgarian politics. You can find more at
About the logo – it was inspired by the naming and the idea that the second part of the word will be “kat” or “cat”. At that time it wasn’t decided which version will be used. So we went for the cat-human character. A smiled, unruly cat that has planned to do something. Nobody knows if it is good or bad… The cylinder is a reference that the logo has something to do with the posh people, politics. The tie works in a similar manner – brings out the gentleman. The tail was intentionally made as a sceptre, as well as a question mark. A symbol of unknown ruling if you want..  The logo is black and white because it shouldn’t be associated with any specific political party. Also because we love black cats 🙂

logo design proposals

Initial political cat casting 🙂


brand identity variations

Additional refinements on the selected cat. Discover the few differences.


civil initiative merchandise

A concept about a t-shirt design for politikat as part of the brand identity.


civil initiative stationery brand identity

Blank and folder design for the project. The idea with the tail, peeping out is preserved as a main motive in the brand identity.


t-shirt brand design

The cat in action on a press-conference.


Materials from the logo design process.


brand identity sketches

brand design sketches