N.O.H.A. Friday Night Designers Teambuilding

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NOHA designers teambuilding

The designers of Ralev.com :) Alex, Margarit, Ani, Marina

NOHA designers teambuilding 02

Minerva and our logo design on the background ( visualizations by Vladimir Grantcharov )


NOHA designers teambuilding 03

It was a mad, mad show. The story is that our friends and clients from Teren organized the event, so we’ve decided that’s it’s a nice way to support them and make a mini-friday-night-teambuilding :) Photos by Diko Jelev @ Tilllate.com


NOHA designers teambuilding 04Teren logo - designers teambuilding 05

With all the buddies. The t-shirt is designed by us, too. The vinyl in the logo is transferred as a stroke so that the the accent of the logo is the dog. It’s a good illustration how you can play with your logos and create different design for your branding.


NOHA designers teambuilding 06

Skiller – a very talented Bulgarian beat-boxer. I just adore this pic.

You can check some of the things we’ve done for Teren here or you can visit the website of Teren here.

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